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Mremoteng alternatives to declawing

mremoteng alternatives to declawing

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Mremoteng alternatives to declawing
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Check out SoftPaws www. Developed by a veterinarian to be sturdy, effective, and attractive, the perfect scratching post is: The Purrfect Post www. Please help us get the word out about how declawing should NOT be an option and educate people about alternatives to declawing by sharing our Facebook pages. Soft Paws Facebook. Purrfect Post Facebook. Dr Schelling Facebook.

There are many solutions to problem cat scratching that do not involve declawing. Since declawing involves ten separate amputations of the distal phalanx, which is comparable to amputating the last joint of a human finger, alternatives to this drastic and painful procedure should be explored. Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Paws are nail caps that look like a cat's nail, but are hollow inside. The nail caps easily fit over the cat's nail and are secured with a safe, non-toxic adhesive.

Soft Paws effectively blunt the claws so that when a cat scratches , no damage occurs. The nail caps stay on for about four to six weeks and fall off with the natural growth of the cat's nails. They are generally very well tolerated by most cats, with most cats not even noticing they are wearing them.

Some cats will groom them a bit excessively at first, resulting in them coming off sooner, but any removed nail caps can be easily replaced. Soft Paws should not be used on cats that go outside, since nail caps will blunt the claws and also impede a cat's defenses. To learn more about Soft Paws, click here.

Cats will always scratch, it is in their nature. A purrfect example of the right type of scratching post, which cat post lovers are actually calling legendary , is the Purrfect Post. It encompasses all of the above attributes and is attractive-looking for humans too. This is important, since the post must be in a prominent area of your living space to be effective.

The post is designed by a veterinarian and has a money-back guarantee if your cat doesn't absolutely love it. So you find the right scratching post for your cat. Now one of the keys to getting him to use it is to place it in a prominent area of yours, and his, living space. Would you like to log in? Create a free account to access our nation wide network of background checked caregivers.

Here are some of the most popular methods: Nail Trimming Nail trimming reduces the damage a cat can do when it scratches. Cat specialist and pet owner Dr. Scratching Posts Dr. Johns also suggests using scratching posts, which allow cats to groom themselves. Johns says. Placing the scratching post where the cat likes to spend time will encourage her to use it. This one-time investment may even preserve some of your furniture in the long run.

Sticky Tape Tape-like products and pads that have a tacky texture help reduce furniture, wall and wood scratching. Brands like Sticky Paws claim to use medical grade, nontoxic materials. Nail Covers Dr. Moran recommends Soft Paws for the nails. This solution could be ideal for owners who want a humane way to stop scratching without putting any sticky tape on their furniture.

Moran adds. Pheromones Pheromone products, like Feliway , calm cats and reduce stress. For some cats, this limits scratching behaviors. However, there are plenty of products that have pleasant scents and will temporarily keep cats away from a given space. Causes, concerns and when to see a vet. Dog losing hair? Here are potential causes — and how to treat it. How to tell if a cat is pregnant: 5 tell-tale signs.

Mremoteng alternatives to declawing if my vnc disconnects does the server keep running

Why you should declaw your cat. mremoteng alternatives to declawing

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