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Teamviewer free version review

teamviewer free version review

Teamviewer Free for personal use means they will every few months challenge whether you are using for only personal use. It is a long nightmare with them every. TeamViewer review: Easy, free remote connectivity software. TeamViewer is reliable, fast, and free for occasional private use. It's also friendly for newbies. Yes, TeamViewer is free for personal, noncommercial use. If you want to use TeamViewer for business purposes, you can purchase one of three. GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL CITRIX

You can connect to the QuickSupport computer with either the full program or the QuickSupport version—they both allow remote connections to be established. So you can actually both install the portable version and still make a solid connection with each other, which would result in the quickest method of remote access for both parties. If you're looking to set up unattended access to connect to your own computer when away, you just need to set up an admin password that never changes.

Once that's completed, you just have to sign on to your account from a browser, mobile device, or computer with TeamViewer installed to make the connection. TeamViewer has been one of our favorite remote desktop programs for a while. The QuickSupport version is so simple and easy to use, it's always a top suggestion for me when providing remote support to anyone, and it's one of the few remote access programs that lets you remotely view the screen of an iPhone or iPad.

The fact that TeamViewer doesn't require you to set up port forwards is a solid plus because most people won't want to go to the hassle to configure router changes to accept remote connections. On top of that, all that has to be shared is the ID and password that's clearly seen when you first open the program, so it's rather simple for everyone to use. If you're looking to always have access to your own computer from afar, TeamViewer doesn't fall short with this demand either.

You can set up TeamViewer so you can always make a connection to it, which is wonderful if you need to exchange files or view a program on your computer when away from it. One thing we don't like all that much is that the browser version is difficult to use.

While it is possible to connect to another computer through a browser with TeamViewer, it's just not as effortless as it is with the desktop version. However, we can hardly complain because there is a desktop version available and it is easy to use. Something else about TeamViewer that seems to stop most people from using it and why we don't recommend it above other remote access tools is that it might suspect that you're using the program for commercial reasons even when you're not, and will thus stop working until you pay for it.

The only other solution you have if that happens is to contact their customer support. As mentioned above, another odd glitch in this program is that it might one day change your ID number, making it impossible to access your computer remotely unless you know the updated number. This is probably a rare occurrence, but one you should be aware of.

By Tim Fisher. Tim Fisher. Tim Fisher has more than 30 years' of professional technology experience. He's been writing about tech for more than two decades and serves as the VP and General Manager of Lifewire. Tweet Share Email. Download TeamViewer. What We Like. What We Don't Like. Was this page helpful?

Nevertherless, it has proved its capabilities to be among the best remote control software available on the market. First and foremost, it is one of the best free remote access and free remote control softwate. It enables user usually IT Support team to have access remotely on your machine while limiting their physical movement especially during this Covid pandemic.

It is also a great tool to be used in environments where there is a low-bandwidth. Moreover it has also helped me to communicates with the recepient via a chat box or via call. I also have the option of transfering files via TeamViewer, thus making it an ideal office tool for anyone who want to gain access to a system without any physcial movement, thus helps in saving time and gas money. One of my main concerns is that both parties that is the person to whom I am connecting remotely and myself need to have the same version installed on the machine or else, the application will not work.

Another disadvantage is that large files cannot be shared over TeamViewer. The computer that I am connecting to also needs to be switched on and active which mean that the application needs to be remained open. Sudhir from Bera -Bali. The majority of the time, I use Teamviewer for remote control.

To gain access to my colleague's computer if they don't grasp something, or to assist a buddy on another continent, for example. When our customers need assistance or software needs to be configured on their end, Teamviewer comes in handy, especially when unattended access is allowed. This application's best feature is unattended access. We activate Unattended Access on all machines so that we may rapidly access any data.

We keep our documents in storage software, but it's occasionally easier to access them from a certain computer. Another advantage is that you may use it for personal usage for free, which is exactly what I do to remotely operate my home PC on a regular basis.

I occasionally use TeamViewer without installing anything, which is a fantastic alternative. One of the biggest advantages of Teamviewer is that you can adjust the display quality, so if your connection isn't great, you can compensate. We're not sure how safe Teamviewer is, but we keep credentials highly confidential, so I believe we're covered.

However, allowing anyone to remotely manage your machine is never completely secure. There are far too many new features. It's great to have more functions, but I believe it's more important to focus on Teamviewer's main feature: remote access! Although there wasn't much added to Teamviewer's remote access functionality, I believe there is always room for improvement. Oliur from Gao Tek Inc.

My entire TeamViewer experience has been fantastic. It's something I've been utilizing for a long time. I had to work from home on a number of projects and office tasks, and in order to provide team support, I used TeamViewer, which allows me to connect remotely and transfer files and folders across the cloud from one computer to another in real time.

My workflow has been much faster and more productive thanks to TeamViewer. All I can say is that TeamViewer is an extremely important product that every organization or individual should have. It makes work life much easier and simpler. TeamViewer is one of my favorite programs.

TeamViewer is one of my favorite remote access tools; I use it almost every day because we have to work from various locations and with various sorts of devices, and we frequently run into problems with our work flow. But in this scenario, TeamViewer has the upper hand by allowing us to connect with anyone, anywhere, using any device, be it a smartphone or a computer.

TeamViewer is really easy to use and is always up to date. We can use the cloud to video chat, exchange text messages, make voice conversations, and most crucially, share our screen and files from one device to another.

So all I can say is that I enjoy using TeamViewer in my everyday work life and that it has become an integral part of my life. Even while TeamViewer is a terrific choice, it does have some limitations. It is a bandwidth-hungry software, and some individuals may experience network troubles with it, as I have.

Furthermore, their Multi-User plan only allows one user to start one remote connection at a time, which is insufficient if you are unhappy with the free plan and want to upgrade to premium. Apart than that, I have no big issues using TeamViewer. I enjoy using TeamViewer. TeamViewer is the best but pricing make many users sign away. Team Viewer provides full control accessing computer to computer remotely. I can transfer program files between my side and remote side easily.

Access any pc from phone application, it has made easier for me to assist my branches in transport. Switching between OS users by logging off or switching user is very simple. Support session record ,Instant message and audio calls which is very useful to contact other side. Problem with different version, if you connect with lower virsion it asks to upgrade lower side. Support stopped for old OS.

Commercial user license is not competitive. Edin from Carnival Cruise Line. TeamViewer is the best remote tool out there! It has been a great pleasure and joy to use this tool and to be introduced to it a long time ago, because over time it just got better and better, and yet more simple to use and operate. The mobile app is also amazing as it does not "overwork" the device and there is no lag, as long as your internet connection is of good quality.

I am not sure where to start with pros of TeamViewer - this tool is simply amazing. From the version 10 up, this has been the most useful tool that I have used in regards of remote desktop, troubleshooting and help, whether for my friends and family or for my business and work.

It provides all of the tools necessary for you to be able to remotely control a device, access it regardless of where you are and be able to do everything as if you are there physically. Simple, reliable, fast and dependable. There are no Cons to this piece of software, it is simply great. If we are talking about space for improvement, then a video call along with the remote access with the host would be the best way to go about it.

Other than that, no down sides what so ever. Back then, TeamViewer gave me a great deal of convenience in my everyday work. It has a lot of cool features, and I really like it. I've only identified a few disadvantages, but they're minimal in comparison to the positives.

Also, the fact that almost everyone in my immediate vicinity is familiar with TeamViewer and the concept made things a lot easier for me. As a freelancer, TeamViewer allows me to earn money without having to travel. We can swiftly support them in their PC problems issues without needing to be physically present now that many of our staff are trapped working from home. TeamViewer includes a lot of screen-sharing features. You can also share files and use the remote control, which is fantastic.

The ease with which I can connect from one device to another -remote desktop- is what I enjoy best about TeamViewer. I tested TeamViewer on all of these devices and found it to be equally versatile. It's simple to use. Anyone with basic computer abilities may install the client and send you the data you need for remote support in a matter of minutes.

Even with a slow internet connection, it functions perfectly. For personal Teamviewer is my first choice. To be honest, I'm not sure I can think of many disadvantages to this product. It has always had a strong following for as long as I can recall. The only criticism I have is that I occasionally have trouble keeping all of my connections in my personal account up to date with the latest version of the software.

The remote update tool and alarm notifications are excellent, however, they only notify me when I connect to that particular connection. There is no single area, where I can manage and check that all of my connections are running the same version. Again, not a major issue, just a minor annoyance. After using TeamViewer, the device screen went black and did not revert to its original wallpaper in some rare situations.

Users of the free version are restricted in their use and are unable to try out all of TeamViewer's capabilities. This can be a hindrance to actually purchasing the entire package, given the necessity to try out all of the features before investing. Apart from that, there are no drawbacks to using this software, and I am extremely pleased with it.

We use it to serve the customer, solve problems on the remote screen, search for diagnostic files and return corrected files. We also use text chat a lot, but it's so unobtrusive that the customer on the other end often ignores the messages, so you end up using the notepad to highlight and draw attention.

Until version 15 I thought it was great. But with the change in the form of licensing, and with the popularization - each person having a different type of license, the problems started. You license version 8 perpetual. They do forced upgrade to version 13 and it doesn't work anymore to 8. But in forced 13 you can't customize the host. Then this year they start pushing to go to 15, but they don't upgrade the perpetual license.

So you bought perpetual and now it's dead, you're forced to sign. How to trust a supplier who acts this way? Result: after a decade of using temviewer we are moving to anydesk and khelpdesk. It's fast, in the portable version it's easy to use and doesn't require bureaucracy. You just send the link to the customer, receive the access data and that's it. Great for remote support, copying or sending files and chatting with the customer without the phone. It used to be great, but as the billing model went from perpetual license to subscription, they try to force you to use the latest version to force you to subscribe.

So you have a version confusion on the clients, and the older version doesn't access the newer host. The subscription price is also abusive. The support is bad, they are slow to respond and they respond generically. From time to time we review purchases. At the time for the price and because anydesk still seemed a bit slow.

Today we are already going the other way around, as anydesk has no problem with versions and has a clearer licensing. That was years ago, at the time it didn't work without you having to open the firewall and modem ports. Aleksandar from Handwritten Solutions. TeamViewer definitely provided a lot of comfortability in my daily tasks - back then. It has great features and I absolutely love it.

I have listed very few drawbacks, but compared to the benefits, the drawbacks are really minor. Also, the fact that pretty much everyone around me is familiar with the TeamViewer and the concept, made the things much easier for me. One would allow safety and the other would allow an easy and convenient way of connecting to the same machine.

Also, the call option is very handy once you understand how to use it. It will save you from the trouble of needing to use another software for a voice call. What would really frustrate me was the need to mute the mic if I am already on a call with the same end-machine using another software.

For example, I would have a skype call that at some point requires Teamviewer to clarify things. We start the TeamViewer session with the other end, and a very loud echo would start because by default the mic on TeamViewer was on. Often the other end of the call doesn't know how to deal with it, and by the time we understand and go to the options of team viewer to mute the mic, some time would pass.

That said, I haven't strictly choose it over other products. Some times client decides that we are going to use "software A" over "software B". Most of the time we use AnyDesk if clients want something quick, fast, light, and free. If the client has some particular needs, we choose TeamViewer most of the time.

Funny little advantage that often means a lot AnyDesk doesn't show the cursor of the person who is sharing his PC. TeamViewer on other hand allows for that off by default that sometimes frustrates me , but it is there. This very little feature often makes huge difference in a meeting. Anydesk difficult to remote support users, its require more input from the users, and as we know already, if users are experience or have good skill in IT they will not ask IT for help, and finally I find out that TeamViewer can solve this problem for usrelated to permission remote.

Alex from Whitemud Ironworks Ltd. Industry: Construction. Excellent Remote Assistance Tool that also functions reliably as a remote work tool. Overall our experience with TeamViewer has been positive. We began using it as a remote assistance tool for our IT department, and when the COVID crisis hit and we suddenly found ourselves needing to provide a number of our office staff with the ability to work remotely TeamViewer helped us seamlessly provide this ability with any major work on the part of our IT department.

Extremely easy to use at it's most basic levels. When I first started using TeamViewer it was for its quick and reliable ability to provide remote support to a user that only required them to install the program and then provide me with a user ID and password in order to connect with there computer. Our original user case was to access the laptops of employees that were operating outside of our comany's intranet, where we used VNC to provide remote assistance, but eventually we started deploying TeamViewer to all of our computers resulting in our IT team being able to provide assistance from anywhere, but also having a greater awareness of the state of our company's equipment.

Thanks to the built in contact list and notes column we no longer need to keep a excel sheet contains all of the computer names, the user that uses the computer, and the software installed on it. Additionally it has made applying updates and ensuring malware protection on all of our devices is up to date extremely simple. The one feature that I feel is most lacking from TeamViewer is a connection health indicator.

I've had issues experience slow and unstable connections to TeamViewer and the software itself does not have any tools to help diagnose if the issue is between the remote computer and TeamViewer or the local computer and TeamViewer. Additionally when using TeamViewer with Windows servers occasionally there seems to be a issue where TeamViewer will freeze right after the Windows login page with a message about cannot capture screen due to fast switching users that can only be resolved by logging into the server through a different method and restarting TeamViewer.

If you are planning on using TeamViewer as your sole source of server management then this might be a issue. Originally we were looking for a tool more focused on remote assistance that a small number of users would have access to.

The ease of deployment and the tools that TeamViewer provide seemed to be worth the cost over some of the cheaper competition. When the COVID crisis hit our company's upper management paid to expanded our TeamViewer capacity since we found ourselves needing to quickly provide the ability to work from home and they did not wish to waste time setting up potentially cheaper software that we did not have a great deal of experience using.

TeamViewer provides greater access to our company computers and the ability to function as a remote access tool in addition to a remote assistance tool. I currently use the Anydesk software much more, as it allows it to run without the need for version compatibility. However, the use with Teamviewer is very good, as it is very light, safe and fast, where I can efficiently support my clients or even on the internal network. I recommend its use for all users, taking into account only the issue of compatibility between versions.

Teamviewer is software for remote, simple and secure access. Available on all platforms, from Windows to mobile, the application is very safe and light, allowing snapshots via ID and password. The possibility of sending files and chat are also differential, as they allow fast and secure solutions in the remote environment. The software is very light, being able to run on any machine without major problems, and because it is used on several computers, the possibility of support is much greater.

We can highlight the main positive points: - Security by accessing ID and password; - Lightness and practicality of the software; - Sending simple files; - Chat between local and host; - Multiplataform. I recommend the software for new users and even the most advanced ones.

The main downside of Teamviewer is the need that the same version of the software must be installed on the two computers that are connected, the local computer and the host. This is a very flawed point, as the client host is often very lay with computers, and is rarely able to download the latest version of the software. With this often, the problem can only be solved locally or with other software.

This issue should be reviewed by the developer. Cheikh from Cheikh Beye Okdakar. Industry: Computer Hardware. TeamViewer allows me to earn money without having to travel as a freelancer. TeamViewer is excellent software, as it allows us to transfer files quickly and privately with a high level of security. With TeamViewer, working remotely has become child's play, because you have remote access that allows you to monitor systems, networks, etc On Windows and Linux. TeamViewer also gives you the possibility to correspond with colleagues during online meetings.

The user interface of TeamViewer is also simple for the use of new software. Installations and updates can be carried out without any problems with a single click. When travelling with TeamViewer, you can use your Android devices, making it easy and convenient to be in contact with the target computer. With TeamViewer you can not only share your screen, but also access your entire computer. In short, TeamViewer is an excellent software compatible on mobile and Pc devices. I think it's a good software overall but I find that TeamViewer is very slow when it comes to transferring large files.

The other aspect is voice calls really, they are not at their best. The improvement will make a good deal. Finally, without a connection there is no possibility to control or access other devices in our own network. Matthew from freelancer. Overall TeamViewer is easy to use and convenient for working remotely or keeping in touch with colleagues via online meetings.

I would recommend you give it a try. With TeamViewer files are transferred quickly and privately. It is completely secure. Also, working remotely with TeamViewer is truly easy to do as you are provided remote access which enables you to monitor systems and networks remotely.

Some devices that you can access and monitor remotely are Windows and Linux. In addition to remote access you can correspond with colleagues by having online meetings. TeamViewer also has a user friendly user interface. The easy installation and updates takes the stress out of dealing with a new software.

This makes staying in touch on the go easier and more convenient. While other software might allow screen sharing TeamViewer allows you to not only share your screen but it also allows access to your entire PC. The drag and drop feature allows effortless file transfer from one system to another.

There are a few issues with sharing very large files but overall TeamViewer is a good choice for small businesses. Easy to use free version and affordable paid version with premium features. We've been using Teamviewer over the past 5 years or so because of its ease of usage and increasingly beneficial features. Teamviewer is a critical tool for our daily support and software development.

It allowed us to manage, control, and setup our customer's servers, both those that are virtually in AWS and physical alike. It's ability to securely remote control the server is only a part of its many features that are essential to our business. Our support staff are also able to collaborate with users by logging in to their computers via Teamviewer so users can show their questions or issues in our application through illustrations or by how they use the app -- our support people can see live how while they're logged in via Teamviewer.

As a developer, my favorite and, perhaps, widely used feature is the secure file transfer. This allows me to download log files from servers so I can review them at my own pace in my local machine. Very small thing: we use an older version of Teamviewer because we'd like to keep our fees at a minimum.

Newer versions of Teamviewer would not allow remote control into a computer that has a lower version , so it's a small inconvenience when you have the latest free version in your home computer and you are forced to downgrade just so you can get access to the computer with the lower version. Neel from MMPerimeter. Industry: Financial Services. I highly recommend TeamViewer -- I had recommended it to several counterparts at peer firms, and have started to use the personal version with my own computers.

Several of my users have started using it with their own family and friends once they saw how easy the program is to set up and use. I love how easy this program is to use across many device platforms -- Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. I really like how it allows full control over computers and Android devices. It is rock solid for screen viewing on iPhone, and is really easy to get a user into a support session. It works well and maintains a solid, unfaltering connection even when our available alternatives Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business, Quick Assist for Windows 10 fail.

The device details that the program displays has helped me correct issues that users don't even know they have and suggest updates that users don't even realize that they lack. While the remote screen viewing feature is rock solid on iPhones, the connection seems to be lost very frequently on iPad devices. When this bug is acting up, the product is almost unusable on affected devices. On iOS in general, the OS seems to prompt for disconnection very often on some devices seems like older devices only in my limited experience.

If the user is not paying attention and hits the button to close the screen share, reconnection is required. It was the easiest solution I found for getting my users onto a remote support and viewing platform. Emir from BH Telecom.

Industry: Telecommunications. This is the app i use for remote assitance for private use. Problems i encountered over the years usualy have workarounds, but main thing is that you can in matter of minutes access remote PC and do the magic. It is easy to use. In a few minutes anybody with low tech skills can install client and send you data needed for remote assistance.

It works with great even with fairly slow internet connection. My number one solution for private usage. Well price for companies for premium solutions is overpriced. There is no Wayland support for Ubuntu, and also remote access to some Android devices is limited.

When i bought licence few years ago, after some time i could not use licence. Also montly fee is fairly too high especialy for 3rd world countries. I used it for years and i still use it. As long as they offer free private usage i will use it. But i thing premium options are overpriced. Jeheen Mahmood from Personas. If you are providing remote serice, you need this. This is a robust workhorse for any and all remote assistance, resource maintanance tool. In my years of use, I have only seen it fail a couple of times.

There were some issues with network, but that is not TeamViewer's fault. Do keep in mind, to get the best out of this tool, you should have a stable network on both ends. This is the most stable remote access tool I have tested, and I tested an awful lot of them.

The file transfer feature works like a charm and is very secure, if you are worried about privacy. Being a remote employee, I have to use PCs all over the world pretty frequently. TeamViewer has proved to be the most stable tool for that. The remote access without assistance feature is especially helpful for a project manager who needs to maintain assests in separate locations. To be honest, the sound settings is a little confusing to set up. It is best to turn of the sound.

I guess you can use TeamViewer for calls as well, but I never figured it out as we are pretty much embedded into Slack :D Also the price is rather steep. It is hard for small teams to afford the tool. But if remote work is a core component of your project, you simply have to manage. Due to stability and better UI. It did cost rather a lot more than the competitor, but when you are handling important projects, you do need the best solutions. Francisco Javier from Mateo y Sanz. We are using teamviewer to support nearly computers in several countries and the daily use it's really useful.

The overall image quality is good and the integrated chat, options to update remotely, reboot, block remote enter, etc makes teamviewer a great support tool. Really advisable. If you manage a lot of computers in my case around , its an invaluable solution.

It let's you to organize computers in groups to easily access it in a dissatend way. The possibility to add a password to a common use PC it's really helpful. And the portable version TeamviewerQS gives you a great flexibility to help a sporadic customer.

The installation is completely transparent to firewall so it's really easy to deploy. The support to android devices is a separate license. In my case, have 3 licenses to pc but would have only one license to android, because it's rarely used, but the licenses system of teamviewer require to have the same number to any system. So finally, we decide to not contract this part.

The other cons happens with any equipment that have started the software with a non-administrative account because when an elevated privileges process occurs, the screen to introduce the password it's not seen on the teamviewer agent computer. It can be solved with a work-around starting the software with windows credentials type instead of teamviewer credentials, but it's annoying. It doesn't need to open ports, or make a VPN.

Now that a lot of our employees are stuck working from home, we can quickly support them in their PC troubleshooting needs without having to be locally present. TeamViewer is rock-solid and does the job every time. It would be nice to improve the client experience when requesting support from a technician. Perhaps being able to send a link via email to the user would assist the lesser technically capable users.

It integrates into Ninja RMM and makes connectivity more seam less for us, and more cost effective. Ryan from Electronic Merchant Systems. My overall experience with using teamviewer is the ability to quickly remote into a person's PC along with the automatic two factor authentication that is uses where the user gives you a password and ID to log in.

The most impactful feature regarding this product is the ability to assist others who need help and it is free to use as well for personal use. Teamviewer is a remote software that allows you to remote into another person's software in order to help them and troubleshoot any issues they are experiencing, along with transferring files that may aid in helping you fix their issuen Due to it having a free license option you are able to take it for a test run by choosing the option personal non-commercial which gives you the basic functionality like remoting into a person's pc and transferring files, if you purchase licenses than you unlock a few more features.

The least thing I liked about this software was the limitations compared to another software called logmein such as the ability to freeze screens, access certain aspects of a computer without needing to remote in like changing the username and password. And the problems that occur when a customer uses a tablet or phone on wireless networks where it takes forever to load which can be expected but also sometime it never loads. The one thing I don't like is the inability to use a person's camera to see what they see for wiring that logmein rescueme can do through lens sessions.

Zoho was way too pricey and lacks the ability to test to make sure it works the way I want as it only has a trial compared to free use with teamviewer. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: Get Advice. Other Software. User Reviews Overview. Ratings Breakdown 5 stars. Feature Ratings. Value for Money. Customer Support. Sort by: Recommended Most Recent.

March Fast and safe remote management tool I have customers around the world, I offer different services from basic IT support to other solutions as Cloud, Exchange services, VoIP services, security cameras, etc and through this app I can access different devices from customers side and also access my servers. November The best tool for remote access I've tried all of the different apps and other companies out there, but nothing beats TeamViewer.

Pros TeamViewer is a great tool for IT professionals, as it provides a simple and secure way to connect to computers remotely. Cons The free version only allows you to stay connected for a short period of time and the paid version is a little pricy for some people.

Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer stability, user permissions, Teamviewer is used more than Anydesk so in most cases, I just need to ask for the ID and password because my clients already have it installed. Really helpful remote troubleshooting and collaborating tool for work from home startups If someone want to make their collaboration seamless without having to take only video calls and explain everything in one go then this tool is is best choice.

Pros I have been connected to teamviewer since 8 months, whenever I need help in troubleshooting a project for my team I just have them share their screen take control of everything and its done in no time. Cons After updating to newer version of teamviewer, cursor from other desktop have been hidden and that's make trouble if client want to show something using their cursor. Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer Anydesk is small tool that do not have much features and also lags screen cursor and do not automatically optimize it.

February Costly, Not User Friendly Support is basically non-exisitent. Pros If you don't know anything about remote access, this software is easy to install and deploy. Cons The cost of this software is far more expensive than other companies offering the same services. Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer At the time, we thought the product would be easier to use.

Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer Compatibility. December Not great, not terrible Pros It's pretty user-friendly for any level of computer knowledge. Cons I found the delay in the response time to be significantly bad on numerous occasions. January Pros Teamviewer presents a powerful and stable platform for remote access to computers, regardless of the platform you intend to connect from. Cons My main issue isn't a problem, to be quite frank.

I figure that learning from the existing gestures on android and iOS might be beneficial Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer Teamviewer, in my humble opinion, has it all. July Easiest and most user-friendly remote desktop software I would still recommend TeamViewer as it is still the most user-friendly remote desktop software to use. Pros TeamViewer is one of the most user-friendly remote desktop softwares in the market as it provides a real-time access between the local and remote users.

The software itself only needs very minimal memory as well and easy to download and install Cons In the next updates of TeamViewer, it would be good to see mobile to pc access as a lot of users are on mobile now. Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer TeamViewer is widely used here, thus it's easier to get feedback from fellow users.

Pros I like how easy it is for the end user to install and provide you with the remote ID and password. Cons Sometimes, you randomly get disconnected from a remote session and is difficult to get back on or you have to wait some time. Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer Teamviewer is easier to walk others through installing and connecting.

Teamviewer We solved a lot of issue's with teamviewer like software issue's for example Office programs like Excel, outlook, skype for business, etc.. Pros For us, Teamviewer was mainly used to access and control the PC remotely, which made it easier for us to support our customers. Cons When installing the software in a new system and trying to connect to the old system, it is sometimes not compatible, which forces us to update our software or update the remote software, which can sometimes be time consuming and a problem Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer My boss change the program and it was better with Teamviewer.

August Team View is a very good link between two computers I like to utilize TeamViewer a great deal when I need to interface distantly from my PC to another client's PC, typically customers that require investigating and when this occurs, I use Teamviewer, simple and easy to utilize, stable far off association, amazing, it additionally makes it simpler for me to pass document effectively to other PC, It likewise permits screen sharing by essentially checking the alternative to share screen to the next client Pros This permits you to sign in starting with one PC then onto the next PC and work in the workplace from home.

Therefore the usefulness of an association can be kept up within any event when a worker can't join in Cons TeamViewer can basically present the record sharing and archive sharing apparatus and gives freedoms to online gatherings. Also, the gatherings and visits can record for references Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer TeamViewer download is simple, as even its most recent variant is smaller and can be easily introduced on all significant stages.

May Best for sharing screen and remote control I have use this computer on multiple occasion, one of it is to sharing my screen with my colleague when we are having a online meeting or discussion as it will help with the visual aid when they can see what i see on my computer screen. Pros There are so much that can be done with this software, from sharing my screen to other people and letting them to taking control of my computer. Cons This software definitely has its learning curves that regular user need to learn of it to find this this software useful for them.

Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer Anydesk has no free account and only had the paid account. One of the better remote softwares Pros Easy to use, multiple features that make remote work easier and is quite friendly when it comes to different resolution sizes.

Allows you to store multiple computers to one account making it extremely easy to connect to different desktops Cons The is a pay wall for commercial use understandable though and file transfers can be sluggish Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer It is easier to use for non technical users Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer The others just aren't as refined or user frinedly. Best tool for remote access and support in both personal and professional setup Great tool for remote access.

Pros Teamviewer for us was all about remote access and control to provide easy support to our customers as well as workstations deployed remotely. Cons Updates, when installing the software in a new system and trying to connect to old, it sometimes is not compatible causing us to either downgrade out software or upgrade the remote software which can be a hassle at times. Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer Free for personal use and been using it for a long time.

Easy and intuitive Teamviewer was my ally to better face the migration to telework caused by the pandemic, that's why I use it and recommend it to all my colleagues. Pros It allows connections to the different clients in an agile and secure way, I love its usability and interface. Cons I think there should be plans for small and medium businesses that are more affordable. Since due to the pandemic profitability has dropped a bit Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer I had had experience with the free teamviewer license and knew what I was looking for to implement in the company.

Reasons for Switching to TeamViewer Anydesk had inconsistencies and the access speed did not compare to that of teamviewer. Pros With this tool, I can work with my team members at any time. Cons Many times if the net connection is not good Don't want to connect. I will be an avid TeamViewer follower since it's been my go-to remote access software from the beginning Pros TeamViewer has been the staple to the way we operate and do business. With it's highly intuitive configurations and features allow us to easily access other systems or clients with ease and elegance Cons The licensing and registration seems to be a bit offset by offering out a free non-commercial version but an over priced commercial version for the exact same thing it seems Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer TeamViewer has been one of the longest standing remote access software and continues to remain triumphant year after year.

The best remote desktop tool! Pros Teamviewer is easy to use and set up. Cons Sometimes, the connections require you to install additional drives which can be cumbersome. Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer Teamviewer is easier to use and provides better platform support. April One of the best remote access software with free license I regularly use Teamviewer to operate servers and my friend's PC and it works fine.

Pros Team viewer is multi-platform and supported for all major operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac and Android. Even though I used for personnel use only Pros Easy to use just copy paste the code and you have the access. Cons Never use in industry. I wont recommend it. Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer I made the switch because I find anydesk more easy and you don't even have to install.

Pros We love the ability to provide remote support to any user within our organization, as well as set up unattended access to remotely access our servers. Cons I feel like overall, compared to other similar tools on the market, the price point is kind of high.

Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer Mainly due to the available support and functionality. Absolute must have for remote troubleshooting on any device Pros Tool makes it easy to manage devices remotely, to share and assist users without having physical access.

Cons Recent high profile security vulnerabilities has tarnished the reputation of this software. Reasons for Choosing TeamViewer Teamviewer was easy to setup and pricing was within our budget.

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TeamViewer is a free remote access program filled with features you don't normally find in similar products.

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