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Paste columns in heidisql

paste columns in heidisql

The grid itself does not support pasting multiple rows. 13 posts. RevitArkitek's profile image RevitArkitek posted 3 years ago Permalink. When you are building a query for a table with many columns, it would be useful to be able to copy a string from the result pane that you. Hello, i want to copy some columns from one table to another table - So i select some columns in my source-table (right click - copy). EXPORT BOOKMARK FROM CYBERDUCK Paste columns in heidisql how to sign out of vnc server

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Paste columns in heidisql 904
paste columns in heidisql

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With older versions "copy" only copied the selected cell. Now the complete row is copied every time. To copy one cell, you have to go to "edit-mode" to copy the cell. That's possible but inconvenient. But if you have a query with a join you can't go to edit-mode of a cell.

So it's not possible to copy one cell of a select result with a join. That's not good. For me, the best solutions looks different: First, it should be possible to select only some columns and not only complete rows. If one cell is selected. Only this cell should be copied. Alternate idea - make additional shortcut for "Copy all selected". And use dialog settings for.

Yes, I guess that's a good idea. So, the "Copy" and "Cut" menu items work again as in previous builds, and we have a new menu item for the more complex copy thing. I did not like the idea. This is a problem because the combination key don't work.

What's wrong? Please update to r - under the "Copy" menu item you will now find a "Copy selected rows" item, which does the above discussed stuff. The "Copy" menu item again only copies the single cell contents. Ansgar, current solution is OK and much more convenient than always going to Export , but it would be much more practical if you would actually use "context" - if there is no selection active is only one cell , copy this value Only single-row "selection" which doesn't seem to exist would need extra clicking in menu copy selected rows.

I think it's absolutely acceptable. If you need more rows- just shift-click them. Bad answers can't be edited. I believe it is much more common scenario that I want to select and copy all results So your need to copy single value regardless selection is quite unique : If needed, I would put such unique scenario to menu, not most common ones.

That case may require selection appearance review - for now there's no visual difference in selecting single value or row, and it doesn't allow to select few cells instead of entire row. If Ansgar ready to implement Excel-like selection, it can be easily combined with your idea.

For now it's not trivial to determine Visually what you have selected - cell or row. That's why I'm saying that single-row can't be automatically determined, but for multiple rows it shouldn't be a problem. I'm not talking about column selection, only row selection. So it's mainly about Excel-like selection, and it's up to Ansgar. That's also what I learned in the above discussion with the other users here. Ads were blocked - no problem.

But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Reviews How To. Exactly how does HeidiSQL attach to data source? What is the command to produce a data source in MySQL? What are the actions to produce a data source? Exactly how do you produce a simple data source?

Which data source is best for newbies? Exactly how do I produce an easy Gain access to data source? Exactly how do I produce a regional data source? Is MySQL a web server? Exactly how do I import a data source right into Sqlyog neighborhood? Exactly how do I attach to a SQLyog data source? Exactly how do I export a SQLyog data source? Call the link Strike the go into secret.

Enter your link setups. The setups must resemble the adhering to. Click Open. Currently you will certainly see the data sources as well as tables on your web server. Are you attempting to import information right into a data source with HeidiSQL? If so, open up the succeed documents as well as wait as a csv documents. You will certainly wish to make the information in the succeed documents as near to the tables style as feasible, exact same columns, and so on.

SSH right into your web server. Log right into MySQL as the origin individual. Develop a brand-new data source individual: Replicate. Log out of MySQL by inputting: q. Visit as the brand-new data source individual you simply developed: Replicate. Develop a brand-new data source : Replicate.

The style procedure contains the adhering to actions:. Identify the function of your data source. Locate as well as arrange the info called for. Split the info right into tables. Transform info things right into columns. Specify main tricks.

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