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Winscp change putty path

winscp change putty path

WinSCP Executable Path – Location of the WinSCP exe file. If this is not specified, the default path is used – C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberArk\ PSM\Components\. This section allows you to save your settings as named profiles. Just write the name of your new profile in the Saved Sessions box and click Save to create a. PuTTY Secure Copy is run from the Windows Command Prompt to use again later, click on the Save button in the WinSCP Login window and name the settings. SPLASHTOP REMOTE STREAME

Right-click Capabilities, then from the pop-up menu, select Add Logon Account ; a new Logon Account parameter is created. In the Account Details page of the account that will be used to run sessions on a remote machine, associate the account that will be used to log onto the remote machine. For more information about adding a linked account to new and existing accounts, refer to Create linked accounts. Expand Connection Components , then expand the connection component to configure.

Specify the prompts and responses to include in the automatic logon process, using regular expressions and dynamic account properties to mimic the exact sequence that will be run on the remote machine. As prompts differ according to machine, it is important to make sure that you write the prompt exactly as the machine requires.

Click OK ; the logon sequence is displayed in the Value property as one line. In the relevant connection component, add the SendRateValue parameter in the Client Specific target settings. Compare the specified login sequence with the login sequence from the text recording file after a session fails.

If the specified login sequence is identical to the recorded text and the error message is still displayed, set the value of the PromptTimeout parameter to a much higher value. For example, The following parameters are specific to WinSCP connection components. When the user connects directly from their desktop using an RDP client application, overriding of configurations of drives, printers and clipboard redirection at platform level is ignored.

The default value is 3. Expand Connection Components ; the list of configured connection componects is displayed. Right-click Connection Components then, from the pop-up menu, select Paste ; a copy of the connection component is added to the bottom of the existing list. Expand the new connection component and selet Target Settings; the general target setting properties are displayed.

Right-click Lock Application Window , then from the pop-up menu, select Detete ; the Lock Application Window parameter is removed from the target settings parameters. Right-click Client Specific, then select Add Parameter ; a new parameter is added. Name — The name of the new parameter. Value — The time, in milliseconds, that PSM waits for the command line parameters hiding process to finish its operation. Specify In the platform that will support WinSCP connections through a command line Create a platform, add the new connection component.

A macro file that contains a list of commands to the client. For a complete list of commands, refer to Connection Component Configuration. Note: The default source file template is a sample. Change this to specify the source file in your environment. The following parameters are specific to AS iSeries connection components. For general parameters, see Connection Components.

For a complete list of commands, refer to Connection Components. You can specify multiple options, separated by a comma. CyberArk Docs. Support and Technical Resources. Technical Community. Versions Send us feedback. All rights reserved. Build 5.

Account Settings Logout. Submit Search. Send feedback Send feedback Have an enhancement idea? Found a bug? Let us know what's on your mind. Send email. Port The port used to connect to the remote device. The default port for Windows transparent connections is If the authentication fails, the user will be able to cancel the connection or to initiate a connection without authentication.

Telnet connection parameters Parameter Description Override at platform level Override at account level Target Settings Client Specific Defines a dynamic list of parameters for a specific client. ClientProtocol The protocol used to create the connection to the remote device. Rename the new connection component. Select AutoLogonSequence. Specify the logon process, as shown in the following examples.

Click OK. The following example shows the process that takes place using a logon account. Step 1: Link a logon account to the account that cannot be used for direct logon, but will be used to run sessions on the remote machine. Step 2: The PSM connects to the remote machine automatically using the associated logon account and elevates the user to a privileged user.

Define an automatic logon sequence with a logon Account Before associating a logon account, make sure that the Connection Client capabilities are configured for a logon account: The logon account capability is added automatically by the PSM installation. In the Logon Account properties, make sure that the following property values are specified: Property Specifies Id LogonAccount Description LogonAccount Type PasswordProtection IntegrationType Embedded Format NA These values are shown in the following window: In the Account Details page of the account that will be used to run sessions on a remote machine, associate the account that will be used to log onto the remote machine.

Specify the automatic logon sequence with the logon account: In the System Configuration page, display the Web Access Options. Specify the command that will elevate the logon user to the user who will run sessions on the remote machine. Use regular expression prompts and responses with dynamic values, as shown in the following example: ii.

For PSM-Telnet connections: i. Specify the logon command that enable the logon account to log onto the remote machine. Specify the username and password of the user who will run sessions on the remote machine. Set the parameter value to higher than Click Apply to apply the new Connection Component configurations, or, Click OK to save the new Connection Component configurations and return to the System Configuration page.

Run the logon sequence again to make the client text record the session from the beginning. After the session fails, copy the prompts for the login sequence from the text recording file. RedirectPrinters Whether or not users will be able to redirect printers from their local machine to the remote server. This is the default value. To redirect printers, the AllowMappingLocalDrives parameter must be enabled.

DispatcherParameters The parameter that defines the target server and the connection. If this is not specified, the default port is used — If this is not specified, the default value is used — SFTP. If this is not specified, the default value is used — 30 seconds. Specify Yes to end the process automatically or No to allow the user to handle the unexpected windows within the timeout limits.

If this is not specified, the default value is used — No. Specify Yes to add the host key to the machine cache automatically or No to force the user to add the host key manually. Note : Do not specify a new line after the final parameter. RedirectDrivesRetries The number of times that PSM will try to map local drives on the client computer to the remote machine. In the properties list, specify the following values: Name — The name of the new parameter.

SourceFileTemplate A macro file that contains a list of commands to the client. Connect Technical Community. Learn Resources Versions Follow us. Version Thanks for this. Do you think there'd be a way to keep the session password saved too? Else, you have to use the! P parameter. Yet this is not recommended as it's being passed in cleartext. Skip to content. Sign in Sign up. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Improve this answer. Add a comment. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. You can also set directories on command-line. For remote directory you can use session URL. For local directory, use raw site settings.

If you want to change default local directory for all sessions, note that the default directory is your Windows My Documents directory. If this is not your preferred local directory, it is probably because you do not like the default placement of the My Documents directory in the system. Then you should probably change the location of the My documents directory directly in Windows, instead of overriding it in WinSCP.

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