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Heidisql ubuntu 13-04728

heidisql ubuntu 13-04728

ULTRAVNC WINDOWS7 MIRROR DRIVER Heidisql ubuntu 13-04728 ultravnc 64 bit windows 7


Great - this worked: plink -v -L In the now visible "SSH tunnel" tab, - set plink. NB: there really should be some kind of FAQ for this, many people using SSH tunnel initially have problems with it, also with the special first-time only plink "store server key in registry?

Set up same string in. It is no hassle connecting this way. I can't see where the difference is. Many thanks for thorough and prompt responses Robert Collins. AFAIK, this is the time that heidisql waits for plink to establish the ssh tunnel before it attempts to connect to the mysql server.

Tried extending timeout to 10 - no difference. I also re installed putty to a directory with no file spaces - no change. I'm up and working okay even if it is a two step process. Let's close this thread and if I solve the issue, I'll get back to you. Thanks for your help. Finally cracked it. Going back to your "there really should be an FAQ for this" - I'd be willing to draft something if you think it would help.

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Not joke! cisco 2600 software update has analogue?


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