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Ultravnc mouse lag

ultravnc mouse lag

-mouse ccorinates ++added Delay query window after restart (to avoid multiple querywinodw accepts), server option ++added server option to enable/disable. The UltraVNC distribution is the fastest VNC program available to date, keeping the update handling to only the foreground window helps to minimize lag. (less than 1 fps) unless you move the mouse around on the noVNC client. We have tested this both with TightVNC and UltraVNC servers. All tests on Win7. WINSCP NETBACKUP APPLIANCE Ultravnc mouse lag how to download zoom app to iphone


I'm on Ubuntu. I manually installed the new x11vnc, but I cannot get the pointer. I cannot select the option, and if I manually specify -multiptr it tells error in starting VNC. But running x11vnc manually with the -multiptr option works. Firstly you should clean the Virtscreen configuration files:.

Then try it in a new user session e. I did this because I thought this possibly add more security but your situation is totally unintended. I will release a new version with the fix in two weeks ;. Thank You kbumsik.

Quick question; after following this, I have a redundant cursor on each screen, as well as my active cursor. Is this something that other people have experienced? So yes your experience should be expected. Like the name of -multiptr implies, it creates as many redundant mouse pointers as clients connected to VirtScreen.

It may feel a little bit awkward but I don't know if there is a workaround for now. Hi JessicaCGlenn , in my machine I see only one "ghost" static cursor that appears time to time. I set my vnc client to be "view only". Hi kbumsik. I've built and installed the newest version of x11vnc, but now virtscreen gives the x11vnc error "Double check if the port is already used. I tried to make sure that the old version of x11vnc was removed in case it was running two instances to no avail?

I'm not sure where to go from here - any ideas? Hi claudemuller This means the TCP port you set it's by default is already used in another program. You may set another port number in "VNC" tab. Also this can be caused by another x11vnc already running, probably cause of some bugs of VirtScreen. In this case you can resolve the problem by using killall x11vnc command or you can just reboot the computer. No matter which port number I use, always got the same error says the port is already used.

Same here- love the product but the mouse cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen. I removed x11vnc and tried building it from makefile as described by cristianopimentel but there I receive errors see screenshot. Skip to content. Star 1. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels question Further information is requested Resolved Resolved Issue. It also will not cover the same on-screen distance as it would when the system was first logged on to, requiring a lot of very frustrating input to navigate to options.

Also, I find that in a few cases, I also had to click on things more than once to activate or toggle them, which should not be the case. Any help would be appreciated. Re: Mouse stuttering or lagging, help please. Just as before, the system was fine initially, and then some short amount of time later, no more than a minute, the same mouse problems occurred.

I should note that the live boot was as "clean" as I could make it in that while my wireless card was recognized, I chose not to log onto any network. Post by trytip » Sat Oct 29, pm does it happen with another live distro preferably not mint? Sadly, the same issue was still present. What happens if you use an external mouse and disable the touchpad? The touchpad remains active almost like having 2 mice plugged into a desktop , and still shows the issues. It should be stated that Windows 10 works flawlessly with the touchpad.

Both come with kernel 3. As you see the problem also in the live system this should give you an impression if the problem does also apply with the older not outdated kernel. Post by trytip » Sat Oct 29, pm search for xserver-xorg-input-synaptics in synaptic not a pun uninstall whichever version you have installed and try a different version.

Post by SweetBearCub » Sat Oct 29, pm trytip wrote: search for xserver-xorg-input-synaptics in synaptic not a pun uninstall whichever version you have installed and try a different version. Code: Select all sudo modprobe psmouse.

Code: Select all xset m default. Last edited by trytip on Sun Oct 30, am, edited 1 time in total. Post by trytip » Sun Oct 30, am open synaptic and search for xserver-xorg-input-synaptics which one do you have installed?

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How To Fix Mouse Lag on 4K Screens

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Ultravnc mouse lag Today I get to announce the new Spiceworks virtual community, coming to our community soon. Email Required, but never shown. We are slowly replacing our old VNC 3. For DOS applications, it's a little less sure. Most times, I remember to reboot them after we're done so that Kaspersky comes back. These parameters give a fully acceptable result for Windows graphic type applications.
A vnc server is already running as 5 I too have had issues with UVNC. This is not a complete solution because on low powered clients it is likely to overload the browser with too much data there needs to be a back-off implemented along with it. Adoption of the new O I will fix this, but further discussion concerning the patch should probably be in that thread instead of here. Place the TextEdit window overlapping behind the Finder window, and click back and forth between the two windows, changing the focus. You are only allowed to have one outstanding FBU request.
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ultravnc mouse lag

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