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Splashtop gaming review guide

splashtop gaming review guide

Splashtop 2 is a virtual network computing app that allows you to view and control your Mac or Windows computer from your portable device through the internet. Whether it be its iOS, Android or Windows 8 users, Splashtop does a pretty good job at keeping them happy by introducing new things here and. Pros. Low cost; Extensive features, including chat and screen recording · Cons. Whiteboard feature available only on iPad or Android; Some rare. ANYDESK MAC DOWNLOAD FREE

The feature's available now for anyone looking to try it out -- and if you'd like to see it in action before you make that in-app purchase, a video demo can be found just past the break. Splashtop 2 business and personal users will be able to customize their tablet experience by creating keyboard shortcuts, virtual joysticks, mouse controls for faster and more seamless remote access with their Macs and PCs.

According to a recent survey of Splashtop users, people are by and large using Splashtop to remotely access a wide range of apps including office applications, browsers, gaming and media apps. About Splashtop Splashtop Inc. Many organizations are adopting Splashtop for Business as a faster, more cost effective way to address mobile VPN compatibility issues and RDP over WAN performance challenges, as well as to scale and accelerate existing VDI virtual desktop infrastructure to mobile knowledge workforces.

Splashtop also partners with mobile device management MDM vendors, system integrators, security networking vendors, and service providers to deliver flexible SaaS and on-premise solutions for businesses. Teachers can collaborate, annotate, and share curriculum and content in many formats, including Flash, with all the students while walking around the classroom.

I prefer a single integrated app like that used by TeamViewer, because I use my systems interchangeably as both local and remote machines, but the separate-app method makes sense if you'll be using remote access software to run other people's machines for tech support or demos and you don't want to confuse your remote users with menu items they can't use.

You can also log in to your Splashtop account through any web browser and connect to remote machines, view logs, or set options. Splashtop's control center app consists of a well-designed main menu that lists your remote machines, each with icons that let you connect to the remote machines, open a file-transfer menu, open a chat window with the remote user, or perform actions like rebooting the remote machine in normal or safe mode.

When you connect to a remote machine, its desktop appears in your local machine in a window with an elegant, simple toolbar that lets you disconnect, open a file-transfer menu, or click Ctrl-Alt-Delete on the remote machine and log out or restart from the remote's Ctrl-Alt-Delete menu. A Record button lets you record the remote screen session, and the resulting video is saved on your local machine. It took me a while to figure out that the recorded videos get stored in a Splashtop Business folder in my Documents folder, and I had to visit Splashtop's web site to find that out.

It would be nice if the app itself made this more clear. The Business Solo version doesn't provide chat, remote wake or reboot, desktop sharing, session recording, and some other features built into the Pro version. The Pro version also gives you more flexibility when connecting to a remote machine using multiple monitors.

With the Pro version, you can view each remote monitor on a separate monitor on your local system or view all the remote monitors in a single window at the same time. With the Solo version, you can view one remote monitor at a time. I'm impressed with Splashtop's flexible and mostly convenient security settings. As with other remote access software, Splashtop requires you to authenticate each new device you try to access by sending you an e-mail with an authentication link.

Advanced security options are accessible only in the Splashtop Streamer app installed on remote machines, so the owner of the remote machine has full control over whether or not you can get access. For example, the Streamer app lets the remote user decide whether the Streamer will launch automatically, whether to require a Windows login or a special security code when connecting, or whether the person trying to access your machine needs to request permission in a dialog box.

By default, Splashtop doesn't require you to enter a password when you connect to a remote machine, because it assumes that you own the remote machine. You'll probably want to change this default if you're giving another user access to your machine and not simply connecting between two machines that both belong to you. Splashtop warns you if you try to use its viewer to connect to your own computer, but it doesn't block you from doing so.

If you do, the viewer displays an endless series of images of your screen receding into the distance, with no way to stop it except by shutting off the viewer. As far as I can tell, the only thing you can accomplish with this is a mildly psychedelic experience, and it might be better if Splashtop didn't let you connect to your own machine at all. The most annoying problem I found with Splashtop occurred when I installed its Streamer app on my Mac.

The installer added a third-party extension called Soundflower, used for routing audio between applications, and the result was that the dropdown menu of the Mac's speaker icon listed two separate instances of Soundflower, in addition to the output devices that I actually use, like the Mac's internal speakers, my TV, and my Bluetooth speakers.

It was annoying enough to see a menu cluttered up with items that I have no reason to choose, but it was even more annoying to find that Splashtop's uninstaller app left Soundflower in place, complete with those two useless items in the speaker menu. Splashtop's website has a support page explaining how to get rid of Soundflower, but unless you realize that Splashtop installed it in the first place, you may never find that page.

One commenter on that page reported that Splashtop's version of Soundflower caused conflicts with another app. Splashtop plans to use a new audio-capture system for Mac installs starting with a major new release due by early Until then, I would be cautious before installing Splashtop on a Mac. Except for this Mac-related annoyance, Splashtop is appealing both for its economical pricing and its impressive feature set, complete with screen recording and drag-and-drop file transfer.

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