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All Citrix DaaS customers can still enable the Citrix Gateway service as the HDX proxy from Workspace Configuration. However, the shortcut to. In Part 2, we looked at how Citrix enables multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO) with contextual access, and secure unified. Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA) is a comprehensive, global security cloud service that addresses the security requirements of modern enterprises. ANYDESK REMOTE ADDRESS

Administrators can rapidly roll out secure browsers, providing instant time-to-value. By isolating internet browsing, IT administrators can offer end-users safe internet access without compromising enterprise security. Identity and Access Management defines the identity providers and accounts used for administrators of and subscribers to Citrix Cloud and its offerings.

Citrix Cloud uses the Citrix Identity provider to manage the identity information for users in the Citrix Cloud account. The administrator has the option to integrate Azure Active Directory or an on-premises Active Directory service. To perform management activities and install the Citrix Cloud Connector on Citrix Cloud, Citrix administrators use their identity to access Citrix Cloud. This identity mechanism provides authentication for administrators using an email address and password.

Also, administrators can use My Citrix credentials to sign in to Citrix Cloud. Identity comes from the Active Directory domain accounts provided from the domains within the resource location. Subscribers can authorize to access the offering from Citrix Cloud by assigning a subscriber to a library offering. Organizations opting to use Azure Active Directory service have more flexibility in terms of managing the user accounts, audit control, and password policies.

Also, the administrator can configure multifactor authentication for a higher level of security. The process of enabling single sign-on to SaaS applications is now simplified to just a few web forms and clicking the configuration page. Citrix Gateway Connector provides a proxy to internal web-based SaaS application access for the Workspace app user. Reference: Citrix Gateway Connector.

Protecting user data SaaS app users is a challenging task for most organizations. By using Citrix Secure Private Access, organizations can incorporate enhanced security policies within SaaS applications. Each policy enforces a restriction on the embedded browser when using the Workspace app for desktop, or on Secure Browser when using Workspace app for web or mobile. Reference: Citrix Secure Private Access tech brief. Most SaaS apps are safe to use, although sometimes when a user clicks a hyperlink within a SaaS app, it can possess a security risk for an organization.

The web filtering microservice allows, denies, or redirects the hyperlink request from the user. Web filtering provides policy-based control of websites by using the information contained in URLs. This feature helps network administrators monitor and control user access to malicious websites on the network.

This service release enables web filtering for Citrix Workspace app accessing SaaS apps and the internet, and Citrix Secure Browser accessing SaaS apps and the internet. The web filtering controller uses a categorization database and URL list.

When the request comes to the web filtering controller, first it checks the global allow list which also contains critical Citrix Cloud URLs. If none of the URLs match, then by default it falls back to the default list. The Citrix Analytics service is a cloud-based service which facilitates pragmatic insights by collecting data across the Citrix portfolio of products.

Citrix Secure Private Access organizes and produces information on user activities, such as websites visited and the bandwidth spent. Citrix Secure Private Access also monitors malware and phishing sites by looking into bandwidth consumption and reports on this. The administrator can take corrective actions by leveraging these key metrics to monitor the network.

Citrix Analytics provides comprehensive insights into user behavior. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous user behavior, troubleshoot user sessions, and view operational metrics for users in an organization that uses Citrix products. Citrix services and products send data to Citrix Analytics, which are referred to as data sources. The data sources associated with the Citrix Cloud account are discovered by the Citrix Analytics service.

Citrix Cloud logs are transmitted securely to Citrix Analytics. The logs are collected from Citrix Secure Private Access and maintained separately from the data sources. The Citrix Secure Private Access service delivers security and operations dashboards. The security dashboard provides user risk profiles and summary of access activity by the users, such as URL or domain visited and the bandwidth used.

App access summarizes the details of domains, URLs, and apps accessed by the users. Citrix administrators can create rules on Citrix Analytics to perform actions on user accounts when unusual or suspicious activities occur. A rule is a set of conditions that must be met for an action to be run. A rule can contain a single condition and one or more actions. Global conditions can be applied to a specific user for a specific data source.

Reference: Secure Private Access and Analytics. The Citrix administrator has power to extend security control with the help of Citrix Secure Private Access. Citrix Workspace app is an entry point to access all resources securely, end users can access virtual apps, desktops, SaaS apps, and files through Citrix Workspace app. For more information refer to the Citrix Workspace app Reference Architecture. When the user launches the Workspace app on the endpoint, they see their applications, desktops, files, and SaaS apps.

If a user clicks the SaaS application when enhanced security is turned off, the application opens in a standard browser which is locally installed. If the administrator has turned on enhanced security then SaaS apps open on the embedded browser within Workspace app. Accessibility to hyperlinks within SaaS apps and web apps is controlled based on web filtering policies.

Similarly, with Workspace Web portal, when enhanced security it turned off SaaS applications are opened through a standard browser which is natively installed. When enhanced security is turned on, SaaS apps are opened through the Secure Browser. Users are able to access the websites within SaaS apps based on web filtering policies. The Citrix Secure Private Access service is a cloud-based service. To provide user-centric solutions to organizations and comply with policies, Citrix Secure Private Access plays a vital role.

Along with Citrix Secure Private Access, there are other services that are enabled to provide consolidated solutions to end users. To get started with onboarding and setting up the Citrix Secure Private Access service the administrator must set up authentication, configure access to SaaS apps, and specify the content access settings in the Citrix Secure Private Access service.

This solution offers security for SaaS apps. By default, Citrix Cloud uses the Citrix Identity provider to manage identity information for all users in the Citrix Cloud account. The administrator has flexibility to change and use Azure Active Directory or an on-premises Active Directory service. Step 2: The Citrix administrator logs in to Citrix Gateway service to configure single sign-on for SaaS and web applications. Add a web or SaaS app to the library from the template.

Step 3: The administrator enters the app details like the name of the application, URL, and domain details. Enhanced security policies can be enabled to prevent data leaks. These policies within the SaaS applications enforce restrictions on the embedded browser when using a Workspace app for desktop or on Secure Browser when using Workspace app web or mobile.

Enabling single sign-on for SaaS applications is now simplified to just a few web forms and clicking the configuration page, which greatly simplifies the deployment process. It is possible for administrators to apply the Gateway Connector to proxy internal web-based SaaS application access to the external Workspace app user. The administrator has to add users after choosing the domain, and only subscribed users can access the application through Workspace app or Workspace web.

Step 5: Filter website lists: To protect the corporate network from browser-based attacks, Citrix Secure Private Access includes a web filtering service. Based on the policies, the web filtering service allows, denies, or redirects the hyperlink request from the user as defined:. Allowed: The request link is considered safe and access is permitted within the embedded browser of the Workspace app.

Redirected: The administrator takes a precaution on websites which possess security threats by redirecting them through the Secure Browser service. Step 6: Filter website Categories. The categorization database helps to filter web traffic controlling end-user access to specific websites, such as social networking, gambling, adult content, new media, and shopping.

Categories restrict user access to specific websites and website categories. Reference: Citrix Secure Private Access categories-list. Citrix Workspace app gives users a great experience secure, contextual, unified workspace on any device. Users get seamless and secure access through single sign-on to all the apps they need to be productive.

Step 7: Citrix Secure Private Access service integrates with Citrix Analytics to fetch information on the activities of users, such as websites visited and bandwidth consumed. Citrix Analytics reports threats detected such as malware and phishing sites. The administrator can log in to the Citrix Analytics cloud service and create rules for Citrix Secure Private Access and then apply the action plan when the conditions are met.

The Citrix Analytics service monitors user activities and behavior using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Today organizations are turning to Software as a Service SaaS solutions to address business requirements, yet often without taking the necessary security measures or properly maintaining the applications. Most SaaS application security failures are caused by users, not cloud providers.

The organization must regulate its strategies to address these flaws. Most of on-premises customers still use web apps, including SharePoint, Confluence, Microsoft Office, help desk applications, and so on Enterprise applications are delivered remotely using Citrix Gateway service and necessary security is added using Citrix Secure Private Access. End-users access web apps using Citrix Workspace that leverages Citrix Gateway service.

Citrix Gateway service, securely coupled with Citrix Workspace, delivers a unified user experience for configured web apps. Single sign-on and remote accessibility to internal web apps is available through different service packages. The preceding diagram shows the Citrix Secure Private Access solution applied to the on-premises customers using the Citrix Gateway Connector. Citrix Gateway connector acts as a bridge between Enterprise web apps and the Citrix Workspace service.

The user launches the Citrix Workspace app and connects with Citrix Workspace using an on-premises Active Directory service. The Citrix Workspace app is used to start a web app. Citrix Gateway service provides the recommended browser and the link.

The embedded browser from the Citrix Workspace app makes an application connection with Citrix Gateway service. Also, enhanced security policies are enabled through Citrix Secure Private Access service. Furthermore, Citrix Gateway service establishes an outbound connection with Gateway Connector from the resource location. It verifies the login credentials, and Citrix Workspace app secures an end-to-end connection with the internal web app.

If the user is using a local browser, authentication happens through the Active Directory service, and the local browser makes a secure connection with Secure Browser service. Enhanced security policies are enabled through the Secure Private Access service. A secure outbound channel is then established between Gateway Connector and Citrix Gateway service. Next, user credentials are negotiated and single sign-on is established on behalf of the user.

Finally, an end-to-end connection is found via the Secure browser for the user. Reference: Support for Enterprise web apps. Citrix Gateway Connector and the Citrix Gateway service in the cloud secure the communication with on-premises applications. Web applications are accessed and delivered through Workspace using a VPN-less connection. To enable Kerberos single sign-on functionality, administrators configure Gateway Connector with credentials for a service account trusted to perform Kerberos Constrained Delegation.

Users may try to access malicious websites that cause severe damage to the enterprise. Also, they may violate enterprise regulations and policies. To overcome these problems, administrators can adopt Citrix Secure Private Access to filter risky websites that pose a risk to their organization.

Cybercriminals use various techniques to apprehend end-user data, and one common technique is using keylogger malware to capture user data. These malware products can be easily installed on a user machine and immediately start trying to obtain user information. Leakage of user information can lead to significant damage to the organization and to the user.

To overcome this problem, the organization must invest heavily in protecting user data and create a defensive shield against keyloggers. Similar to keyloggers are applications that capture screenshots. Various types of software can be installed on the user end point to overcome image grabbing of the user desktop.

Citrix Secure Private Access has advanced policies for protecting enterprise data. Endpoint security is an important security consideration for any organization because the majority of breaches occur at the user endpoint. App protection policies are rules that are applied when enabling enhanced security for a SaaS app. Customers can use two advanced security policies:. The benefits are as follows:.

App protection policies are built in Citrix Workspace app beginning in version for Windows, but the administrator must enable this feature. Reference: App Protection policies. Web browsers are integral to an active production environment. They are powerful, data-rich tools exposed to the internet more than any other application in the work environment. During the past few years, cybercriminals have taken advantage of web browsers to fetch vast amounts of user information including credit card data, email IDs, and stored passwords.

Browser-based attacks have become prevalent not because they are strategically desirable hacking targets, but because browser-based attacks are difficult to detect. Conventional security controls fail to detect such attacks because these applications only scrutinize downloaded files and attachments.

Hence, browser-based attacks tend to go unnoticed. The Citrix Secure Browser service isolates web browsing to protect the customer production environment from browser-based attacks. Citrix Workspace app or local browsers are an entry point to the Citrix production environment. Citrix Secure Browser isolates internet browsing so that the website does not directly transfer any browsing data to or from the user device.

By using this, security administrators can offer safe internet access without reducing enterprise security. It allows access to web applications via an intermediate web browser hosted in the cloud. There is no client that users must download.

The preceding diagram shows the integration of Citrix Secure Private Access solution, including Citrix Secure Browser service for both cloud and on-premises Citrix environments. Most organizations have experienced some kind of ransomware or phishing attempts that have compromised their network.

The root cause for such threats is often inadequate protection from web-based threats. There is a lack of visibility into what websites users are accessing on a day-to-day basis. The Citrix Secure Private Access service enables an organization to protect its environment from browser-based attacks and data leaks. When employees access their apps from any device, whether they are in the office, home or traveling, Citrix Secure Private Access service provides a cohesive experience integrating SSO, two-factor authentication, remote access, and web filtering into a single solution for end-to-end Secure Private Access.

Citrix Content Collaboration enables users to easily and securely exchange documents. There are many ways to work using Citrix Content Collaboration including a web-based interface, mobile clients, desktop apps, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Citrix Files is a file manager that offers data sharing and storage, customizable usage and settings, and tools that allow users to collaborate more easily and get work done from any device, anytime and anywhere. The preceding diagram depicts delivering the Citrix Files SaaS app to an end user in a hybrid cloud model scenario.

The resource location contains the Active Directory for end users, allowing them to seamlessly sign on to their web application. The Citrix Gateway service offers authentication, single sign-on, and enables fast and secure delivery of Citrix Virtual applications and SaaS applications. For example:.

With adaptive authentication, organizations can provide strong authentication policies to help reduce the risk of compromised user accounts. A single set of credentials helps organizations solve a few user and admin experience challenges:. Once the user is authenticated with a primary identity, the single sign-on feature in Citrix Cloud uses SAML assertions to automatically fulfill subsequent authentication challenges to SaaS and web apps.

Some organizations might have already standardized on an SSO provider. Secure Private Access is able to utilize third party SSO providers while still applying adaptive access policies onto the user sessions. Secure Private Access is able to create a connection to on-premises web apps without relying on a VPN. This VPN-less connection utilizes an on-prem deployed connector. When accessing SaaS apps and private web apps, Secure Private Access provides the connection without the need for an agent on the endpoint.

Secure Private Access enables end users to safely browse the internet with a centrally managed and secured enterprise browser. When an end user launches a SaaS or private web app, several decisions are dynamically made to decide how best to serve this application. The local browser is how most users and organizations deliver SaaS and private web apps to users. This approach trusts that the user and device are not accessing sensitive or confidential data.

When following a zero trust strategy, the local browser is not a suitable solution. Citrix Workspace Browser is an enterprise browser, based on Chrome, running on the endpoint. Workspace Browser creates a security sandbox for the web session. The secure sandbox protects the end user and the enterprise against malware, performance degradation, data loss, and unintended end user behavior.

With Workspace Browser, organizations can centrally apply adaptive access policies that limits keyloggers, screen captures, clipboard operations, and more. The Citrix Secure Browser Service is a isolated, cloud hosted, enterprise browser. The Secure Browser service leverages Citrix Workspace Browser except that it runs in an isolated, virtualized, and temporary cloud session. The hosted browser service provides a secure way to access internet and corporate browser-based applications.

It creates an air gap between the browser and users, devices, and networks, protecting them from dangerous malware. Secure Browser is often used in situations where Workspace App is not installed, like kiosks or personal devices. When on a mobile device, the security benefits of the Citrix Workspace Browser are still applied with the mobile web viewer. The same adaptive access policy settings are applied with the Citrix Workspace Browser, but the mobile web viewer provides a touch-based interface users are familar with.

The mobile web viewer for Workspace app incorporates the following adaptive access security capabilities:. Administrators need visibility into their environment. The need to know about potential threats, usage, and performance. Secure Private Access sends user behavior information to the Analytics service to help organizations secure their SaaS apps, private web apps, and client server apps.

Citrix Analytics for Security continuously assesses the behavior of Secure Private Access users to proactively detect and resolve security threats. It generates individualized user risk scores based on user behavior to surface potential high-risk users.

Analytics for Security detects malicious user activity and prevents harm to the business with prescriptive, automated remediation actions. The risk score generated can be used within Secure Private Access to automate security controls like watermarking, disable clipboard access, and prevent downloads with Adaptive Access policies.

Usage Analytics provides insights into the basic usage data of Secure Private Access. Admins get the visibility into how users interact with the SaaS and Web applications that are being used in their organization. The usage data helps them to understand the user adoption and engagement of a product.

The following metrics can help admins determine if apps are useful or should be slated for retirement. This solution solves many challenges with providing access to internal resources for external users. With Secure Private Access there is:. VPN-less access not only improves security and privacy but also improves end user experience.

Secure Private Access offers single sign-on and adaptive access policies for web and SaaS apps. With adaptive authentication, organizations can tailor their authentication flow to align with the busisiness. Although an authorized SaaS app is considered safe, content in the SaaS app actually can be dangerous - constituting a security risk. Adaptive access policies provides IT with a way to enforce security policies on both web and SaaS applications that they provision to employees.

These policies protect data stored in these applications by applying the following controls:. More remote workers mean more remote meetings and web conferencing through various applications. These meetings usually require employees to share their screen, which opens the possibility of exposing sensitive data by mistake. The keylogger and screen capture restrictions helps protect against endpoint malware and user mistakes. If users accidently shares financial data in a web conference, attendees only see a blank screen.

This protection also applies to the most common snipping tools, print-screen tools, screen capture, and recording tools. Browser isolation for internet traffic protects end users and enterprises from web-based threats. With Workspace Browser and the Secure Browser service, admins get a choice to access sites in a local Chrome based browser a cloud hosted and isolated Workspace Browser instance.

With the service, possible attacks are contained in the cloud. Secure Browser run destroys the virtualized Workspace Browser instance after use. When a new session starts, the user receives a new Workspace Browser instance. Using adaptive authentication and access policies, Secure Private Access gives admins the ability to protect their organizations from data loss and credential theft.

Adaptive authentication and access policies are even more critical when employees use personal devices to access corporate resources. Adaptive access policies can enable keylogger and screen capture protection features. The feature protects employees from dormant screen-grabbing malware or keyloggers that can potentially capture passwords or personal information.

Keylogger and screen capture protections work by controlling access to specific API calls of the underlying OS required to capture screens or keyboard presses. These policies can protect against even the most customized and purpose-built hacker tools. It helps to secure any virtual or web application that employees use within Citrix Secure Private Access and authentication dialog boxes preventing password leaks. The keylogger and screen capture protections feature makes the text entered by the user indecipherable by encrypting it before a keylogging tool can access it.

A keylogger installed on the client endpoint reading the data would capture gibberish characters instead of the keystrokes the user is typing. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in the Preview documentation remains at our sole discretion and are subject to change without notice or consultation.

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Citrix Features Explained: Citrix Workspace Browser with Citrix Secure Private Access


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In the webpage that shows your list of icons, click the gear icon on the top right. Your recipient can then click the provided link to access the files. Failed to load featured products content, Please try again. Customers who viewed this article also viewed. Log in to Verify Download Permissions. Objective This article describes how to share a file securely using the Email with Citrix feature.

Background Share a File securely via the Citrix email system, or get a link to your file you can easily share with others. To send a file stored in your Workspace. Right-click the file and choose the Share option. You can enter an email address manually, or select users from your address books or distribution groups. Enter a Subject for your message. You may enter additional text in the Body of your message if needed.

Edit Message Options allows you to customize the following: Send me a copy of this email - Receive a copy of the email message Email me when files are accessed - Receive a notification email when the file is Viewed or Downloaded Encrypt message - This feature is only available to users with Encrypted Email enabled. Require recipients to log in - Require that recipients log in with their Workspace account.

If your recipient is not already a user on your account, they will be required to create a username and password before accessing the file. Access expires - Set how long you want the download link to be accessible. If sending a file stored on your computer, this will default to the default length of time files may remain in the File Box Allow Recipients To - This option is available to users utilizing View-Only or IRM-protected sharing features.

Accesses per user - Limit the number of views or downloads Always link to the latest version of the file - This feature is only available to users with File Versioning enabled. Remember subject and custom message for next time - Save the subject and custom message so that it will be preset the next time you send a file. Add More allows you to select additional files to include with your message.

If sending files stored on your computer, a copy of the file will automatically be uploaded to your File Box. If adding from Workspace, use the folder tree menu to select which files to add.

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Citrix Secure Private Access

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