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Hotmail not working with em client

hotmail not working with em client

Hello, hope there's someone out there that can help. I am using Windows 7 desk top computer, and am presently having issues with 2 of the 3. em Client can't download my hotmail email - i need IMAP settings for Having same issue 5 years later - all set as you said back in For about a week now my hotmail account hasn't been syncing at all. It just can't connect. Password is correct, did something change? ZOOM CLOUD MEETING FOR WINDOWS 10 FREE DOWNLOAD

I did have Mailwasher Free installed, but I have uninstalled it now, in case it was the problem? Not sure if either of these could have suddenly caused the issue? And I have just sent an email from Outlook to my gmail address, and eM Client received it fine? So it is clearly only the Outlook address that is not functioning? Yes, it is the oAuth certificate through Microsoft that is the issue. So this will affect addresses on domains like Outlook.

So, do you mean everybody using those domains will be having the same issues in eM Client? Or is it just my Account Settings etc? For example, I have a custom domain that uses the outlook. At least that is a bit of a relief, if it means that eM Client will need to fix it?

Still frustrating though! Perhaps a message to all members would be good, if possible? Microsoft broke something, so their server is no longer authenticating using the certificate they previously provided you with. Is it not reasonable to ask that eM Client contact Microsoft to resolve this? Especially, as it is all your Members having this issue?

When you say your emails are still being received in Outlook , you mean the web interface, not MS Outlook? The web interface is not using oAuth. The issue is with the Microsoft server and authenticating using oAuth. So this will affect any email application where the Outlook. I still think, bearing in mind, that this just suddenly arose as a Fault in eM Client, and appears to affect every user of Microsoft email Domains? Then surely it is Best Addressed by eM Client advising Microsoft so they can reverse whatever they did to the Certificates?

The alternative, you suggested, means each and every one of us with this Fault, would have to contact Microsoft? Are you aware, if this same issue affects other Mail Client Programs? Yes, I am having the same issue. I use my email for work every day all day. Contacting Microsoft will be difficult. I hope someone will fix this or eM Client will lose thousands of customers.

I hope that eM Client can help get this fixed since I really like using it for my email. Mine is the same too and it even happened on my android phone, but that cleared up and is working now. I received an email from Microsoft maybe 1 week ago stating there was a security flaw in some kind of database thing and hackers could red email, files on one drive etc so they were clearing out of all the certificates. Gates to busy backtracking his relationship with Epstein I guess instead of worrying about his baby!

You will need to set up the account as an Exchange account and all should be fine. I said it was their responsibility to provide better support for a product I paid for. I am shocked that their pro support was no help. I find them actually pretty good and responsive. Especially with a known issue as this. What version of emClient are you using? I was using version 6 and then something happened to my Hotmail synchronization as well.

I switched to version 7 and it seems to be working properly now. I received an email from Microsoft about something changing at Hotmail. All was working in version 6 until a week or two ago. All emails had disappeared. They were still on the Hotmail servers but emClient would say that synchronization completed fine but nothing was showing up. Switched to version 7 and all is back to normal. I have another Hotmail account that was working fine in v6 at the same time as the one that had problems so I assume Microsoft is rolling this change out, as someone suggested, and some people will be affected sooner or later.

I tried setting up the email account as exchange but was nearly late for work waiting for it to verify server settings. So I deleted my hotmail account. Then I added a new exchange account, username and account name were set to my current email. Then my password. Took like 5 mins to go through, but it all seems to work perfect now.

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