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Splashtop desktop 4 windows living

splashtop desktop 4 windows living

Use Splashtop Remote Support to download a list of managed computers & servers to easily update devices affected by Windows 7 & Windows Server EOL. Splashtop, a company that was known as DeviceVM in a prior life, Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone and iPod touch connects your device. By letting you share your desktop and screen live with other meeting 4. Windows Remote Desktop Connection 5. Screenleap 6. Mikogo 7. Splashtop. IS TIGHTVNC A VIRUS

It also allows for unattended access to an unlimited number of computers with its SOS Unlimited plan, at a fraction of the price charged by competitors for that level of access. Where Splashtop falls short is in the lack of voice chat, even on its dedicated collaborative meeting tools, but its text-based chat should be enough for most tech support situations. Pricing is scaled based on the number of computers that you would like to connect, with volume discounts for more than 10 machines.

Users can access their work desktop from a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device, transfer files, and print remotely. Users that purchase a Pro tier license gain access to advanced features, like the ability to connect two users to one computer, chat, and remote booting. This work can include anything from routine maintenance to basic troubleshooting or software updates. The Support plan offers unattended access to an unlimited number of technicians for a monthly rate that scales with the number of computers you need to service.

You also get unlimited concurrent sessions, meaning there is no limit to the number of technicians working at once. Splashtop SOS is a product designed specifically for attended support, which is active remote desktop tech support that takes place while the subject computer is in use. Splashtop SOS is great for users that want basic but functional remote desktop tech support.

One drawback we found is the lack of voice chat functionality, but this is not a serious concern, and can be circumvented by a telephone call if voice chat is absolutely necessary. Licenses are billed per concurrent technician. This means that if you would like to have two remote sessions running at once, you will need to purchase a second license.

Every SOS license also provides a certain number of unattended access licenses, and you can even purchase unlimited unattended access with SOS Unlimited. Splashtop Business also provides remote access and collaborative learning tools for educators. Splashtop has two products in this category—Mirroring Pro and Classroom Cloud—which are nearly identical except that Mirroring Pro is for desktop computers, while Classroom Cloud shares the screen of a mobile iOS or Android device.

In addition to its built-in features, Splashtop offers over 30 integration options with third-party programs. Splashtop introduced several new features throughout —notably, desktop shortcuts for remote computers and connection pools. Users that regularly connect to the same specific computer remotely—typically employees connecting to their office computer from home—can now take advantage of the new desktop shortcut feature to create a shortcut that takes them to their remote machine with one click.

Connection pools are great for users that need access to a remote computer but not to a specific device. Administrators can lump a series of computers into a connection pool, and when a user needs to connect they simply select the pool and receive access to the first available device. This feature is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS, once again reducing the need to spend time searching for an available device from a list. This plan provides users with simple remote access to a computer, without any remote tech support features.

The Support plan is for unattended access, and prices increase based on the number of computers you need access to. SOS is a remote tech support plan, which bills per concurrently operating technician. As a simple but affordable software platform, we would expect Splashtop to be easy to set up and use, as well as being effective in its primary function as remote desktop software.

To determine how well Splashtop meets these key benchmarks, we downloaded the software and gave it a spin. To test ease of setup, we first created an account with a username and password, then downloaded the Splashtop Business app to the device we wanted to connect from. Once Splashtop Business had downloaded and we had inputted our login credentials, it was ready to use. The entire process took less than five minutes, and the majority of that time was spent on the download. Unattended access took a little longer to set up, as we had to download another application, Streamer, on every computer that needed to be accessed.

This can take a bit of time, especially if you have a large number of devices, but the process is still straightforward. Overall, though, we were impressed with how easy setup was. Once Splashtop was installed, starting a remote desktop session was quick and intuitive. We tested the remote connection with a Windows desktop computer and an iPhone. The desktop user had to go to sos. Upon inputting the code, we immediately had full access to the desktop computer.

The entire process took about two minutes. Connecting to the iPhone was a similar process, but with a few extra steps. The iPhone user also navigated to sos. After downloading the app, they received a unique nine-digit code, which we then input to initiate the connection. The iPhone requested that the iPhone user grant us permission to broadcast their screen. Once permission was granted, we had access. However, since the iPhone was a touchscreen-based device, while our computer was not, we were mostly limited to observation, with little ability to directly interact.

Overall, we found that establishing a remote desktop connection through Splashtop Business is quick and easy. We noticed that on the remote desktop the milliseconds would go up in bursts of about 20, while they rose continuously on the actual desktop. Also, the stopwatch on the remote desktop was behind the actual one by about half a second. Description Limited time sales! Ratings and Reviews.

Anywhere Access Pack Yearly. Access your computer from anywhere! Anywhere Access Pack Monthly. App Privacy. Information Provider Splashtop Inc. Size Category Business. Mac Requires macOS Price Free. More By This Developer. Splashtop for RMM. Splashtop SOS. Splashtop On-Prem. SOS On-Prem. You Might Also Like. Yam Display Free.

EasyCanvas -Graphic tablet App. Luna Display.

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Winscp 400 bad request You can use Splashtop to enable team members to access their work computer remotely, perform remote tech support, or perform routine maintenance and updates on your entire computer network. Image 2 of 5. Great for presentations and classroom instruction. The Support plan offers unattended access to an unlimited number of technicians for a monthly rate that scales with the number of computers you need to service. The Verdict. Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. However, since the iPhone was a touchscreen-based device, while our computer was not, we were mostly limited to observation, with little ability to directly interact.
splashtop desktop 4 windows living

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